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Kronos Workforce Dimensions

HR. Payroll. Time and Attendance. Kronos Workforce Dimensions can handle them all (not to mention Analytics, Scheduling, and more). Whether you’re ready to upgrade or simply need help with your current Dimensions setup, our workforce management consultants can help.

One of the latest and greatest offerings from Kronos—now rebranded as UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group)—Workforce Dimensions is the cloud-based successor to Kronos iSeries and Workforce Central, and your new favorite way to handle HR, payroll, time and attendance, and more. In fact, Dimensions can handle…

  • Timekeeping
  • Scheduling
  • Data Collection
  • Data Automation
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Payroll
  • HR
Unbiased Kronos Assessments

Senior-level Kronos consultants provide technology audits and assessments to help ensure your Kronos software meets current and future business needs by uncovering opportunities, mitigating risks, and increasing productivity across all areas of the organization.

Time for a Workforce Central Upgrade? Want to install more Kronos modules? Starting to experience hiccups with your system? Sounds like it’s high time for a Kronos system assessment.

Kronos is a leading workforce management tool. It helps companies simplify processes, manage labor costs, and keep employees engaged. But to stay nimble and competitive, upgrades and add-ons are par for the course. However, years of tweaks, customizations, and integrations make system improvements a tad more… involved. That’s why a comprehensive Kronos system assessment should be the first step of any major project.

Kronos WIM Interface Development

Upgrading from Connect 6.0 to WIM? Having trouble importing data or tables to a new UKG system? Need a custom WIM interface developed, or interfaces not running as planned? No matter your struggle, you can count on Surety for the Kronos WIM development you need.

One of Kronos’ biggest draws is its integration between time, HR, and payroll modules. It creates a single system of record, making it easier than ever for enterprises to manage those functions. But as companies grow and evolve, relying on applications outside of Kronos is inevitable. Enterprise resource planning (ERP), asset management, point of sale (POS), scheduling, and project management are just a few examples. But having all these separate systems can lead to disorganization and less-than-efficient processes.

When you need to get data from here to there and everywhere in between, the Kronos Workforce Integration Manager (WIM) is the answer. Its built-in Workforce Interface Designer tool makes it easy to configure and maintain interfaces for basic business functions. But when your needs are more complex, or you’re not finding it to be as simple as you hoped, it may be time to call on a Kronos WIM development expert.

Kronos Rule and Pay Rule Setup

Our Kronos consultants can help effectively review, configure, and optimize Kronos Pay Rules and Work Rules to ensure payroll accuracy, maintain compliance, and prevent burnout among internal employees. We take a proactive approach to payroll, setting your team up for greater success in the future!

It’s no secret that most employees work to earn a living. So while benefits like engagement and culture are important, a large part of keeping employees happy is getting paid. (On time and what they’re owed helps, too.) On the flip side, you, as a business, want to keep labor costs at bay and stay compliant with laws and policies. While that may seem like an easy feat from the outside, payroll managers know it’s anything but. That’s where Kronos Work Rules and Kronos Pay Rules come into play.

That’s where NetworkLogic comes in. From setting up Kronos Work Rules or Pay Rules for the first time, to compliance audits, to restructuring payroll after an acquisition or merger. Not only will our senior-level Kronos consultants help you take a proactive approach to payroll, but they’ll also equip you with the knowledge to do it on your own.

Kronos Merger & Acquisition Integrations

We’ll provide expert knowledge to help navigate your organization’s recent merger so that all the moving parts of your technology integration are accounted for. We focus on the nitty-gritty details of your most complex M&A processes, so you don’t have to!

In 2017, the number of mergers & acquisitions in the U.S. hit an all-time high. Out of 15,100, nearly 15% were in the healthcare industry. Among the benefits of mergers and acquisitions are cost savings, quality improvements, and a wider scope of services—a win-win for hospitals and patients alike. And while combining people and processes isn’t easy, integrating HCM systems—like Kronos—may be the most difficult undertaking.

Kronos manages the “who, what, when, where, and why” of a business and, ultimately, is key to ensuring customers receive the services they need. So when integrating Kronos systems—or converting other HCM systems into Kronos—during a merger or acquisition, there’s a lot to consider. Assessments, upgrades, data conversion and mapping, work and pay rules, scheduling, policies, and benefits, just to name a few. For a timely and pain-free process, it’s smart to enlist the help of an expert.

Kronos Advanced Scheduler

We assist with resource-intensive tasks (like planning and creating Kronos organizational maps, configuring Workload Planner, and defining rules) so you can successfully set up Kronos Advanced Scheduler prerequisites. We can also help organizations generate compliant, optimized, and employee-approved schedules, which is a win-win for everybody.

Kronos Workforce Central comes with a standard scheduling tool referred to by most as “Basic Scheduler.” It helps organizations create schedules while taking compliance, budgets, and employee preference into consideration. But for more complex scheduling needs, Kronos offers an add-on product: Workforce Scheduler. Also known as “Kronos Advanced Scheduler,” it provides extra features and is ideal for multi-shift organizations. (Read more about the difference between Kronos Basic and Advanced Scheduler and how to choose the one that’s right for you.)

While Kronos Advanced Scheduler offers almost limitless customization options, it’s not a “plug-and-play” solution. To get the most bang for your buck, there are important prerequisites to address first. For example, planning and creating a Kronos organizational map, configuring Workload Planner, defining rules, and more. This can be a resource-intensive, timely, and frustrating task—particularly if you don’t work in the back-end of Kronos often. To ensure you are utilizing this tool to the fullest, please check out these tips for employee scheduling.

Workforce HR & Workforce Payroll

Our team is ready to ensure Kronos Workforce HR and Workforce Payroll are correctly configured so your Human Resources, Benefits, and Payroll functions are integrated into one streamlined, easy-to-use module. This way, your workforce operates as efficiently as possible!

HR automation saves time, money, and resources, and does wonders to improve candidate experiences. That’s what makes Kronos Workforce HR and Workforce Payroll so appealing. It integrates human resources, benefits, and payroll functions into one streamlined, easy-to-use module. This means employee data is entered once (yes, once!) and shared with other applications or staff as needed. So say goodbye to redundant data entry and hello HR and payroll automation.

The only bad thing about automation is that it doesn’t happen magically. Implementing it properly takes time, thought, technical know-how, and a deep understanding of business requirements. In fact, only 16% of companies say digital transformations have successfully improved organizational performance. It’s not easy, and implementation errors can cause downstream effects. That’s why it’s critical to ensure a proper Kronos HR and Payroll configuration—the first time.

From benefits to pay rules, performance to tax filing—if streamlining HR/payroll is on your agenda, We can help. Need a Kronos Workforce HR and Workforce Payroll configuration expert, guidance for a first-time implementation, or system training? Surety’s senior-level Kronos consultants have you covered.

Kronos iSeries Central

Kronos iSeries Central is one of the most comprehensive workforce management solutions available for the IBM iSeries server. If you’re a loyal user of Kronos iSeries Central and need help with implementation, upgrades, or support, our senior-level Kronos consultants are here to help.

Kronos boasts that its iSeries Central platform is the most comprehensive workforce management solution available for the IBM iSeries server (AS/400, iSeries, IBM i). According to Kronos, iSeries Central is designed specifically to leverage the server’s power, flexibility, and security. Though not the newest solution that Kronos offers, iSeries Central is a powerful tool with an equally loyal user base.

Results of our recent survey indicate that most Kronos iSeries users are committed to staying code-current and have no plans to leave the system. However, there’s been a push from Kronos to move users from iSeries Central to other products like Workforce Dimensions, Workforce Ready, and Workforce Central. Though Kronos continues to push out updates for iSeries Central, dedicated support services are noticeably absent from their lineup.

The good news? If you’re committed to Kronos iSeries Central, AMSUN is committed to you. Our unbiased, senior-level Kronos iSeries consultants provide unparalleled implementation and upgrade capabilities, as well as Timekeeping, Attendance, Accruals, and Leave, Scheduling, and Activities support. Whether you’re looking for training or need a hand with configuration, we have the expertise and dedication to make sure your system performs.

Kronos Attestation Setup and Configuration

Need help with Kronos Attestation and Configuration? Want to modify your existing setup to reflect new policy changes? Time to upgrade your Kronos 4500 terminals? Our senior-level Kronos consultants can put you on the fast track to compliance, no matter your need.

Labor laws can be complex and, if not followed, have significant financial impacts. Nowhere is this as evident than by the more than $270 million in back wages collected for more than 240,000 workers in 2017. Even if wages were missed or misallocated by error, actions speak louder than words. While Kronos Pay Rules and Work Rules sets criteria for compliance, attestation helps puts it into action.

The Kronos Attestation tool allows employees to authenticate time worked and breaks taken. They also have the freedom to enter missed punches and review, approve, or reject timecards. All from any compatible device, without the need for help from a manager or HR. You can also set up the tool to prompt employees with action-based questions and record responses for analysis. Combined, these capabilities form a powerful force against compliance violations. To be effective, however, everything comes down to the configuration.

When you need a qualified Kronos expert to make yours work. Need help with Kronos Attestation configuration? Want to modify your existing setup to reflect new policies? Time to upgrade your Kronos 4500 terminals? No matter your struggle, our senior-level consultants can put you on the fast track to compliance.

Workforce Analytics Implementation

Workforce Analytics combines data from ERP and HCM systems to give you a more accurate picture of your performance. Our Kronos consultants can provide you with an all-in-one solution for Kronos Workforce Analytics support by blending data and configuring reports to meet individual and company-wide needs and requirements.

Turning Data into Action with Kronos Workforce Analytics

Today’s businesses have no shortage of data. Through Kronos alone, you have access to any HCM metric you’d ever need at your fingertips. While this provides valuable workforce insight, insight doesn’t mean much without action. That’s where Kronos Workforce Analytics comes in.
How Kronos Workforce Analytics Integrates Data

Kronos Workforce Analytics combines and analyzes data from both HCM and ERP systems. By integrating this data, you get a more accurate picture of how you’re measuring up to the KPIs that matter most. But determining how to find the answers you’re looking for can be difficult. Whether it’s measuring financial impact, pinpointing risk, identifying trends, or future-proofing, a Kronos Workforce Analytics implementation expert can help make the most of your workforce.

ADP Enterprise eTime Upgrade and Support

ADP Enterprise eTime is a powerful, web-based time and attendance solution that supports scheduling, attendance, and leave management. Surety Systems is here to help optimize your ADP Enterprise eTime configuration across the board.

ADP eTime – Maximizing Workforce Productivity

Labor is a business’ biggest cost of doing business. It has a make-or-break effect on profitability, making time and attendance management essential. But long gone are the days of manual tracking and reviewing. To maximize productivity, align talent with strategy, and stay on top of labor law adherence, add ADP Enterprise eTime to your HR arsenal. ADP eTime makes it quick and easy to reach your business productivity goals.
What Is ADP Enterprise eTime?

ADP Enterprise eTime is a powerful web-based time and attendance solution that supports scheduling, attendance, and leave management. ADP eTime capabilities help HR managers ensure compliance, optimize employee schedules, understand labor costs, and increase employee engagement. But to be effective, it all comes down to training and configuration. Make sure your system is configured for optimal performance.
How Our ADP Enterprise eTime Consultants Can Help

Need help optimizing your ADP Enterprise eTime configuration? From data collection setup to pay policy and eligibility wizard configuration, to scheduling, to mobile solutions and system integrations, Surety’s got you covered! Our senior-level consultants will not only get the job done but give you the know-how to get the most out of your ADP eTime system long after we leave.

Workforce Central V8 Upgrade & Support

We help your team navigate recent Workforce Central upgrades to better support business goals like reduced labor costs and improved productivity. Our support includes custom programming, navigators, infrastructure upgrades, and cloud and mobile deployment.

The New and Improved Kronos Workforce Central

Kronos strives to innovate and give users the tools they want and need. “A big part of every single release is ‘Where can we innovate? Where can we do things differently?’,” said Bill Bartow, VP of Global Product Management at Kronos. The latest major release—Kronos Workforce Central 8—boasts industry-specific functions, insightful reporting, and scheduling focused on global compliance. With the 8.1 update, the system aims to further support common business goals among users: compliance, labor costs, productivity, and employee engagement.

One of the biggest changes in Kronos Workforce Central 8 is the intuitive look and feel. The platform is Java- and (almost) Flash-free and built on HTML5, and offers a “rich and engaging” UX. More than just pretty, these enhancements enable employees to do their jobs more easily and in a way that works best for them. There is a strong movement among Kronos users to stay current and on the bleeding edge of innovation, and these features do just that. But the significant changes in Workforce Central 8 and 8.1 do pose some obstacles.